I got this comment from Curt Hall:

I believe you have your description paragraphs out of order. Your first paragraph goes with picture amxiii-3. Your second paragraph goes with picture amxiii-1. Your third paragraph goes with picture amxiii-2.jpg.

According to the info I got from Jerry Beck here is 'The AMX/3 Car-By-Car Where-They-Are Now'. {Appended by myself from email with Jerry; Let me know if you have any additional corrections or imformation. I will pass it by Jerry then forward it to Jim Stone.}

(Note: the below list is in order produced, which differs from what you stated.)

Considering that the car couldn't be made to run because of the construction errors it traded hands a few times. It is currently rusting in the basement of a barn at the Gilmore Classic Car Club Museum. I have personally examined this vehicle (video taped it too!!!). The museum is reluctant to restore the car because the paperwork has purportedly disappeared and its origins are mysterious. No VIN number, but I found a 1973 Michigan license plate RIK 423 with 1974 sticker #3-595644 in the vehicle. Before Dick Teague passed away he donated a tranny to the museum reportedly. Strangely however the engine in the car has 70-W-No5 marked on the chrome valve covers with black paint, I have no idea. I offered to the curators of the museum to restore the car for free. No dice, it looks like bureaucracy has committed this one to rust away. This car has a three tail light setup instead of two and no popup rear spoiler.

This car was sold to a guy in MI and was lost by all accounts that I tapped. It reappeared as the 'chicken coop' car. It was for sale when last checked in Indiana for over $200,000. The car is reported to be badly rusted and missing parts. It is also full of bird droppings. http://dutoc74.io.tudelft.nl/voitures/american/amxiii-3.jpg (Yellow/silver wheels/no popup rear spoiler)

This car was owned by Richard Teague until his death. It was donated to the San Diego Auto Museum along with most of his papers. This is the car in Motor Trend [and the car pictured on this page??]. [most photographed unit] http://dutoc74.io.tudelft.nl/voitures/american/amxiii-1.jpg (MAROON/Italy backdrop) Possibly 2 (more current) photo's: http://home.worldweb.net/~stoneji/amcpix/amx3.jpg http://dutoc74.io.tudelft.nl/voitures/american/amx3.jpg

This car was sold by Teague to unknown persons, then to Mr. Mimbs of Georgia. He sold much of his AMC collection to a man in Alabama. It and the AMX/2 styling exercise are both for sale in Hemmings - the AMX/3 for $225,000 and AMX/2 for $25,000 (The Prism Collection). [This is the car that Mark Donohue drove at 150+mph at Daytona with open headers and swore never to drive it again without a front spoiler.] http://dutoc74.io.tudelft.nl/voitures/american/amxiii-2.jpg (YELLOW/yellow wheels)

This car was sold to Teague and then sold to a man in Florida. I don't know his name, I don't know the car. I do know that the car is blue and was the BMW car. (Possibly inaccurate, however this story is confirmed by 2 reliable sources. Now the status of the car in Florida has supposedly changed. I can't verify though.)

This car is still in Italy and differs from the other cars in that it has retractable wipers and different rear body. It is owned by Giotto's Business partner.