1996 and 1997 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance

French Automobiles

Delage Letourneur et Marchand Aerosport -- dark cherry, 3/4 rear view, "figoni" style rib on trunk, chrome sidepipes ala Duesenberg.


Bugatti T35B

Bugatti Binder Royal

T57S Atalante

Bugatti T57S Gangloff
One of 2 Ralph Lauren cars at this year's PB; it's black. Lauren's (read Paul Russell) cars have won PB Best of Show twice in the 90's; once for a Bug Atlantic, the other was Count Trossi's "Black Prince" MB.

T57C James Young


Delage De Villars
This won Best of Show at the '96 PB. Blue and silver with "Bugatti Atlantic" style fender seams!

Letourneur et Marchand Aerosport


Delahaye 135M F&F cabriolet -- dark blue sitting next to a red Cal Spyder

Delahaye 1936 F&F.jpg -- similar to Talbot Lago "teardrop" coupe. 2 tone blue with wild sculpting of the front fenders.

Hispano Suiza

1933 Van Vooren


Talbot Lago F&F Teardrop -- blue and silver; right up there by the Special Roadster as my fave swoop!


Voisin Figoni cabrio

Aston Martin:2, Bentley:3, Jaguar:1, Lagonda:1, Rolls Royce:5

Bugatti:6, Delage:5, Delahaye:2, Hispano Suiza:1, Talbot Lago:2, Voisin:1

Auburn:3, Chrysler:3, Caddilac:5, DeSoto:1, Dodge:1, Duesenberg:14, Packard:7, Pierce Arrow:3

Alfa Romeo:2, Bertone:5, Ferrari:10, Italdesign:1, Lamborghini:2

BMW:6, Maybach:2, Mercedes Benz:3

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