1996 and 1997 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance

Pierce Arrow

'33 Pierce "Silver Arrow." Pierce was struggling to survive during the Depression. They decided to design a uniquely luxurious vehicle so modern that no other car could match it. Unfortunately, the development of the Silver Arrow bankrupted the company. Only 5 prototypes were built and 3 exist. This particular car won Best of Show at the '97 Concours of the Eastern US.

Aston Martin:2, Bentley:3, Jaguar:1, Lagonda:1, Rolls Royce:5

Bugatti:6, Delage:5, Delahaye:2, Hispano Suiza:1, Talbot Lago:2, Voisin:1

Auburn:3, Chrysler:3, Caddilac:5, DeSoto:1, Dodge:1, Duesenberg:14, Packard:7, Pierce Arrow:3

Alfa Romeo:2, Bertone:5, Ferrari:10, Italdesign:1, Lamborghini:2

BMW:6, Maybach:2, Mercedes Benz:3

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